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def sambagtk::dialogs::RegValueEditDialog::on_binary_data_ascii_text_view_buffer_changed (   self,
this function formats the text in the ascii field whenever it's changed

Definition at line 1652 of file dialogs.py.

        """this function formats the text in the ascii field whenever it's changed""" 
        if (self.disable_signals):
        self.disable_signals = True
        if widget == None:
            widget = self.binary_data_ascii_text_view.get_buffer()
        #stuff we need to move the cursor properly later
        cursor_iter = widget.get_iter_at_mark(widget.get_insert()) #insert means cursor, or "the insertion point" as gtk calls it
        cursor_offset = cursor_iter.get_offset()
        text = widget.get_text(widget.get_start_iter(), widget.get_end_iter())
        text = self.check_ascii_string(text)
        #Calling this function below will translate the hex back into our ascii box, making errors easier to spot
        self.disable_signals = False
        self.disable_signals = True
        #now that we've overwritten everything in the textbuffer, we have to put the cursor back in the same spot
        widget.place_cursor(widget.get_iter_at_offset(cursor_offset + self.ascii_cursor_shift))
        self.ascii_cursor_shift = 0
        self.disable_signals = False

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